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Your Complete Dental Treatment

From how comfortable we feel when eating to how comfortable we feel looking in the mirror, teeth matter more than most are willing to admit. This is why, here at Dental Now Panorama, we make sure that we can give the kind of complete and thorough dental exam you need! Beyond just looking at your teeth, we also look at many different factors such as oral cancer screenings, gum and joint problems and your overall oral health!

By making sure that your teeth and oral health are in good order, our dentists strive to provide a service which helps to alleviate fears and uncertainty around the quality of your dental health. If this sounds like the kind of service that you feel is like, then you should contact us today.

What Types Of Exams Are Available?

What do we do during a dental exam?

At Dental Now Panorama, we make it easier than ever for you to undergo a clear and consistent dental examination. If you want to know what condition your teeth are in,  you can come and see us today. Our exam consists of: 

Full Dental Exam

A full examination of the general health of each and every tooth in your mouth. We’ll investigate any problems thoroughly. 

Taking X-Rays and Photos

In order for us to fully examine your mouth our staff will make sure to take photos and X-rays of your teeth. This allows us to see more of what exactly is going on.  

Fixing Damaged Teeth

We’ll look closer for dental issues that might need our input. From correcting cracked and damaged teeth to offering extraction for teeth beyond repair, we’ll provide a variety of options for you to choose from!

Oral Cancer Screening

Not only do we focus on your mouth and your jaw, but through our oral cancer screening we also look for many signs that could indicate cancer is present. Our dentists are trained to detect any irregularities through their oral cancer screenings that could potentially lead to life changing conditions! 

Gum and Jaw Check

Your dentist will also check the health of your gums, for any signs of disease that may impact your quality of life. Gum health can play a critical role in your overall health!

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Great News!

Dental Now Panorama FOllows the 2022 Alberta Dental Fee Guide

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Making sure your teeth are healthy!

There’s no reason to delay any further. At Dental Now Panorama, we make it easy for you to get the kind of treatment that will leave you with the best possible solutions. Dental care takes a lot of your personal input, but you need to know where to care for and what problems might currently exist.

So, come and speak to us today; we can create a comprehensive action plan that’s all about helping you to get your treatment started. 

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact  Dental Now Panorama today to arrange a complete dental exam!

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