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Here at Dental Now Panorama, our mission is to provide each of our patients with an affordable, worry-free, holistic, dental experience

From emergency same-day visits, to late night evening and weekend hours, our dentist in Calgary work hard to ensure that all your dental health needs are well taken care of! 

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Why spend more than you have to, we offer affordable Braces for the entire family. Our prices start as low as $2999 or $40 a week!


Change oral habits concerning tongue, lip posture, and swallowing patterns that can lead to crooked teeth!


Clear, braces-free teeth straightening, we offer Invisalign treatment in Calgary starting from $1799 or $40 per week!

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All of our Panorama Hills dentist’s follow the same beliefs in patient first approaches. Above all, our Calgary dentists strive to ensure that our patients are treated with respect, educated about their oral health, and are comfortable throughout any dental procedures they may need!

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Our NW Calgary Dentists follow the 2021 Alberta Dental Fee Guide!

New Patient Exam

  • Learn about your individual oral health

Bitewing X-Ray's

$47.05 / 2 X-Rays
  • See beyond just the surface of your teeth

Hygiene Polish

  • Lessen the chance to accumulate bacteria

Dental Hygiene Cleaning/Scaling

$70.10 / 15 min
  • Remove unwanted plaque and bacteria

Fluoride Treatment

  • Rebuild weakened tooth enamel and more
Treatment DescriptionAlberta Fee GuideOur Fees
NEW Patient Exam (Adults)$105.92$105.92
X-Ray's of Back Teeth (2)$47.05$47.05
Hygiene Polish$62.46$62.46
Dental Hygiene Cleaning/Scaling (15 min)$70.10$70.10
Fluoride Treatment$30.26$30.26

Our Panorama Hills Location

Our dentists in Calgary are conveniently located in Panorama Hills to serve Coventry Hills, Cinnamon Hills, Country Hills, and more in NW Calgary.

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