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Here at Dental Now, we provide numerous forms of treatment that are not only related to your teeth. One of the services that we provide here at our Dental Clinic Calgary NW is TMJ treatment. This type of treatment is used to treat any problems you may have with your temporomandibular joint. This treatment is meant to help relieve tension, pain and discomfort in and around these jaw joints.

What is TMJ Treatment?

TMJ may be right for you if you have ever suffered from problems such as: 

Many times, these joints that connect your jaw to your skull can become worn, frayed, damaged and/or infected. Here at Dental Now Calgary NW,  we can offer a solution to your problem, making sure that you can find relief to your problem as soon as possible and help stop jaw pain at it’s source!

dentist explaining what a TMJ joint is

When we find the underlying cause of the condition, we can then take the necessary steps to make sure that it can be cured and cleansed from the discomfort and pain that you currently feel!

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Do I Need TMJ Treatment?

Shot of a woman sitting on the side of her bed with bad toothache

If your jaw ever feels sore, as if it’s been grating or almost catching when you open your mouth, or if your teeth meet at different times when you go to shut your mouth, you may have some of the symptoms associated with TMJ issues.

Headaches can also be related. A weak TMJ can become a problem in many more areas. As it causes greater wear and tear elsewhere, the issues associated with your TMJ could lead to greater problems later on! That’s why it’s important to make sure you take care of your jaw pain as soon as possible!

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