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Dental Fillings in Calgary

When you get a dental filling at our Dental Clinic Calgary NW, it’s number one job is to restore a tooth that has been damaged by decay back to its normal health and function. This treatment involves removing part of your decayed tooth, and then filling the cavity with a tooth coloured filling. Not only do getting fillings restore the function you had prior to cavities, but it can also help prevent any further damage that could be caused by cavities in your mouth!

stand out with cosmetic fillings!

Sometimes your smile needs a makeover, cosmetic fillings can help do that!

Cosmetic fillings are made of bonding material that is shaped and molded onto your teeth. The role of cosmetic fillings is to give the appearance of a straighter and more perfect looking smile.

Whenever you have minor imperfections in your smile, cosmetic fillings can also be used as a a type of treatment that helps repair chipped teeth, gapped teeth and staining in both teeth and fillings. Our Dentists are able to fill any imperfections you may have in your smile through the usage of Cosmetic Fillings!

Cosmetic Fillings Before and After

Change your smile with cosmetic fillings

Fillings at Dental Now

Here at our dental clinic Calgary NW, we provide both Direct and Indirect fillings to help fix your teeth and change your smile! 

Fillings Before and After

Normally our dentists place Direct fillings onto a tooth that is decayed but still has most of its structural integrity. When we fix your cavities, we use a special type of composite bonding, that we apply in layers to the cavity until your normal tooth is completely restored back to it’s original state.  Once we’ve reached the final layers of your tooth, then we will begin to shape them so that they can fit and feel naturally in your mouth. During your visit, this entire procedure is completed while you’re under local anesthetic because we want to make sure that you remain pain free and don’t feel a thing!

Indirect fillings are used when a tooth has decayed to the point where the entire structure of the tooth may be damaged. Custom inlay’s are created for this type of filling. These inlays are made of very strong ceramic that completely covers the cavity. In order to completely restore the original shape of the tooth, our dentists cement them into the existing cavity. Similar to direct fillings, an indirect filling can also greatly help in preventing any further tooth decay you may experience. This treatment is also done under local anesthetic so that you can relax and know your cavities are fixed. 

Fixing your cavities using dental fillings

Here at Dental Now, we believe that healthy teeth are a key step into having an overall healthy life! For more information regarding fillings, or to book your consultation, Don’t hesitate to contact us now by phone at (403) 457-7266  or email at!

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